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Aur’a natural water rich in gold and colloidal silver

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Internationally Certified and Awarded

Aur’a Gold Water has been recognized internationally as an exceptional product. The Superior Taste Award is the only stamp of quality in taste granted by food and drink opinion leaders that are Michelin starred Chefs and Sommeliers. The Superior Taste Award is an unique international recognition that is focused on the blind judgement of more than 100 prestigious chefs and sommeliers.

The assessment process is rigorous and includes sensory evaluation by blind test method, where, among others a special emphasis is given to evaluation of taste, aroma, texture and product appearance. Every year, companies from more than 120 countries compete for this prestigious award with more than 2000 products participating. Aur’a water won three stars!

Crystal Taste Award

Crystal Taste Award

Crystal Taste Award

Fine Water Society

Crystal Taste Award

Gourmet AVPA - Paris

Crystal Taste Award

Certificate RO17/819942401


From the Land Blessed by Gods

Neither too high nor too low, covered by broadleaf forests and wonderful emerald meadows, bathed in the gentle sunshine and embraced by friendly winds, the Golden Hawk Mountains are secretly hiding still unexplored natural richness and long-forgotten treasures.

The water source

When the Gods descended on Earth in this remote corner of the world, at Ocna de Fier (Romania), a spring of beauty and everlasting life streamed out of their Cornucopia. Then the hills got dressed in endless and vibrant oak, beech and birch woods, arranged as some precious royal robes covering the shoulders of the brave soldiers and magical features were given to all seen and unseen peaceful or raging waters. Priceless elements (gold, silver, calcium, magnesium and iron), genuine sources of natural richness endowing with extra value every place on this planet that was kindly blessed by Gods, where cautiously placed deep down into the earth. They carefully chose the winds – as gentle and loving touches, the rains – a powerful, heavy and loudly celestial showers created to flood and leave even the deepest layers of the earth, the friendly sun and the seasons harmoniously sequenced between summer and winter, in an endless cycle of nature.

This genuine piece of Haven, life follows the same boundless course for thousands and thousands of years. Large populations of brown bears, wolves, wild bore and lynxes roam freely

The legend

From the ancient times to nowadays, those mountains are the home of the Sânziene, gentle fairies of local folklore. Priestesses of an old solar cult, Sanzienele are beautiful women who have their place in dark forests, which man cannot cross. Mortals believe that Sânzienele appear on the night before their dedicated holiday, on June 24th, when they sing and dance, helping the holdings to bear fruit and bringing fertility to women and animals. They give healing powers and help people to cure diseases. Aura is part of this land. Naturally carrying a mix of vital health qualities with extraordinary benefits, Aur’a is a source of health that purifies the body and ensures vitality and longevity. Nothing is being extracted today from those depths. The springs are the only ones which reach above the ground, bringing the earth’s soul to light!

The best and purest water gushes out from the deepest corners of the earth and reaches the surface bringing the most precious gifts from the Gods, in the perfect doses: ideal contents of Gold and Silver colloids, exceptional pH values (8,0-8,4) and above all, no nitrites, nitrates and organic matter.
We simply called it Aur’a

Water bottled directly at the source

With a desire to keep the unique and natural properties unaltered, bottling is done in glass, according to quality standards, in a modern factory, on a fully automated line, located in the immediate vicinity of the spring.


Nature is the most advanced and efficient laboratory

Not even the cutting edge technology can replicate perfection. Water means life. Aur’a means life, purity and health. The gold and silver colloids give its exceptional properties, turning it into an energetic and therapeutic water. It is a gift from nature who keeps on surprising us and showing us that is far from saying its last words! The Ursoanea spring is just one of the miracles brought about by Mother Nature: premium water naturally enriched with precious elements, collected from its source at the temperature it leaves the depths of the earth in a constant flow.

The best water is the spring water that comes from the heart of the earth and reaches the surface naturally. By its own nature, this water is filtered by layers of sand, gravel and sand, blocks, clay and vegetal earth. This natural process confers upon it unique proprieties, a fusion of vital features for health, acknowledged by relevant physical, chemical and bacteriological parameters duly measured in laboratories. Its alkalinity expressed as pH, the presence or absence of metals and the lack of organic matters define the concept of the best natural water.


Aur'a is bottled as it comes out from the mountain, with no additions or reductions of elements, being naturally filtered by rocks, gravel, sand and clay. Aur'a contains absolutely no bacteria, viruses, organic matters or concentrations of nitrates.


Aur'a comes from an area with no industrial, agricultural or touristic activities, located at thousands of hectares away from possible pollution sources.

Bottled in glass bottles

Glass bottles represent the safest receptacle invented until now for any kind of food or beverage


Its pH of 8,25 represents the first clue that certifies Aur'a's proprieties, its alkalinity being the most reliable guarantee for the best hydration of the human body

Source of energy

Its natural alkalinity brings forth its enrichment with priceless resources located in the heart of the mountains in the are, gold and silver colloids, besides other valuable elements such as calcium, magnesium or potassium.

Highest standards of bottling

Aur'a is being bottled straight at source in a new and modern plant, equipped with fully automated bottling lines.

Natural perfection in untouched nature

Being in a forest without industrial, agricultural or tourist activities, thousands of hectares away from possible sources of pollution, Aur'a water is a blessing of untouched nature.

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