Aur'a Gold Water

Alcaline Water Naturally Rich in colloidal Gold & Silver

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Crystal Taste Award from Michelin starred Chefs and Sommeliers

Aur'a is an alkaline water, naturally rich in colloidal gold and silver, with superior purity. Love at the first tasting. .

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Still water - 750 ml

Sparkling water - 750 ml

Alkaline water with a pH of 8.28, with a mineral content that makes it perfectly balanced, velvety, friendly, subtle, hydrating, and nourishing. It is an excellent companion for good wines and delicious meals. Easy to drink directly from the glass, at the gym, in the car or at home.

A cure with naturally rich gold water is a source of health and wellbeing. Aur’a has this amazing ability to counterbalance and liquefy the acid wastes from our bodies. Has antioxidant properties that protect the cells against the harmful effects of free radicals.

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Aura water's natural properties are kept unaltered while bottled directly at the source, in a modern factory on a fully automated line, in high end glass bottle.

Gold has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties, is a natural antibiotic with important antioxidant qualities.

Silver is the best natural antiseptic, effectively destroying bacteria and facilitating detoxification of the body.

AUR'A is a natural alkaline water, with a pH of 8.25 it helps your body to become more alkaline. A more alkaline body is a healthier body. Experts say that not every disease can survive in an alkaline environment.

Compared with other types of bottled water, Aur'a has a very low sodium content. Healthy water should have a low sodium level (below 20 mg / dm3), and Aur'a still water contains 5.62 mg / dm3.


Created by nature, in Carpathian Mountains

Aur'a water comes from the heart of the wild, in the Carpathian mountains, more precisely from Golden Hawk Mountains (Masivul Cracul de Aur) which surrounds Transylvania. It springs from the mountain and it reaches the surface being naturally filtered by sand, gravel, cobble, clay, and topsoil. This natural process attributes unique properties to it: pH 8.28, gold and silver colloid content and the absence and organic matter.

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